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Welcome to Xceptional Prep We help students Prepare for the SAT, GRE, and ACT Exams. Our company focuses exclusively on Live, In Person, Classroom Based Courses. We offer nationwide Test Preparation courses in twenty-three cities in nine states. Since 2002, we have helped tens of thousands of students increase their scores on standardized tests.
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We are the Official Test Preparation provider to select Universities and Institutions across the United States. We have been offering Official Test Prep services On-Campus to many different Universities and Institutions since 2002, including: Reed College, University of Massachusetts Medical School, U.S. Army Combined Arms Support Command, Sacramento State University, California State University, Bakersfield, and Western Oregon University. Over the last 18 years Xceptional Prep has built a strong reputation for excellence and exceptional course quality.

SAT Prep Course

Choosing the SAT for college? Our structured, In Person 6 Week SAT Course will prepare you for all sections of the Exam including the optional SAT Essay. Our SAT Class provides comprehensive, guided instruction to help you achieve your personal best SAT score.

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GRE Prep Course

Looking to go to graduate or professional school? Our In Person 6 Week GRE Course will thoroughly prepare you for all aspects of the Exam. With guided instruction and structured Test Prep our GRE Class provides you with everything you'll need to achieve your personal best GRE score.

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ACT Prep Course

Taking the ACT for college? Our comprehensive ACT Course will thoroughly prepare you for all sections of the Exam including the optional ACT Writing Test. Our In Person 6 Week ACT Class provides expert Test Prep and Review to help you achieve your personal best ACT score.

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Learn about Xceptional Prep and what makes us different. We are all original, and have designed our test preparation courses from the ground up. We prepare like no other company.

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The Xceptional Advantage consists of a holistic approach to preparing students for standardized tests. We consider many aspects relevant to excellent test preparation. Together, all of these components interconnect to make for the most effective and comprehensive test prep education available.

You can trust Xceptional Prep to provide high-quality, nationally recognized, in person test preparation courses. We have over 18 years of test prep experience in the classroom and have the expertise and knowledge to guide students through the process of obtaining their personal best test score.

Xceptional Prep can provide on-campus test preparation courses to meet the needs of your university, school, institution, program, or department. Our on-campus test preparation courses are custom tailored to meet the unique needs of your students. We hope that you will consider partnering with us.