Xceptional Prep is hiring instructors for our national test preparation courses. We are currently accepting resumes to expand our pool of test preparation instructors for our in person classroom based courses.


Our test preparation instructor positions are for nationwide classroom based courses. We focus exclusively on in person, classroom courses that provide a distinct human edge to test preparation. Our belief is that an exceptional instructor in a live course is the best possible way to prepare students for standardized tests. Instructors teach comprehensive six week courses that teach strategy and content. We hire good people who are intelligent, honorable, and dependable.

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A Rewarding Experience

Teaching test preparation is a fun and rewarding experience. Instructors are leaders and mentors to students but also learn and grow as professionals and individuals. As an instructor you’ll help students reach their test taking potential. You’ll be a leader in the classroom and will guide students through the test preparation course to a higher score. As a mentor, you’ve been in their shoes before and know their challenges; being a Xceptional Prep instructor allows you to give back.

You’ll get to express your love of teaching while growing as a professional. You’ll encounter a diverse set of students with varying abilities and needs and you will develop and improve as an instructor by taking student potential and translating it into success. Helping students achieve their best scores can make big differences in their school choices and life outcomes. The hallmark of a Xceptional Prep instructor is helping students reach their potential.

Helping Students Achieve Their Best Score

As an instructor, you will have the opportunity to help students achieve their best possible test score, maximizing student achievement. An improved test score can help students realize positive changes in their lives, whether it opens up a new opportunity or improves chances for acceptance to a higher-ranked institution. Our smaller class sizes allow instructors to positively impact every student they teach. You’ll get to know your students in your classroom and will have the latitude to mold and adapt our curriculum to create an atmosphere that works best for current student needs. Helping students achieve their best possible score can open up new doors for them and change their lives.

Our Curriculum

Our courses are structured as university classes with lecture and interactive learning in the classroom. We teach methods, strategies, and techniques through a problem centered approach. We teach content reviews including math, statistics, grammar, reading and writing (where applicable to each test) to promote students’ content mastery. Psychology is discussed to address the pitfalls of anxiety and stress that can occur during the test preparation process and to help motivate students to maximize their test taking performance. Instructors deconstruct problems and teach students test prep “know how”: how to think like a top test taker by recognizing patterns, employing different angles of attack, and using time efficiently. All of our class time is devoted to instruction and interactive work with students; students proctor their full-length practice tests at home. Our curriculum is continually updated to reflect the most recent test changes and incorporates the most advanced strategies available.

Training and Support

Instructors receive orientation and training to complement our comprehensive instructor course manuals. Instructors are trained by top management in our course structure, content and delivery. The methods and articulation of concepts are covered as well as the effective use of resources and lesson planning. We provide our instructors with a comprehensive curriculum that is highly structured and fully developed. All of the tools necessary to excel in teaching our test preparation courses are provided and we have spent over eighteen years developing our rigorous curriculum. Instructors are supported by a caring and professional staff whose goal and focus is for instructors’ success in the classroom.

Enhance your Skill Set

While teaching with Xceptional Prep, you’ll acquire new skills and will enhance your current abilities. You’ll get to work with a diverse set of students, each with unique educational backgrounds. You will also get to work with different age groups, depending upon the classes you will be teaching. You’ll be able to build on your teaching skills, adapting your teaching delivery and honing your teaching ability to accommodate a variety of student levels, needs and learning styles. Classroom leadership will also be improved and polished within our courses. Instructors learn additional classroom management skills through interaction with students of differing abilities and starting scores. These developed skills can be applied to a wide range of topics and disciplines.

Be Part of a Respected, Talented, Long-Term Faculty

Its our goal to build long-term lasting relationships with our instructors. We’re good people and treat our faculty with respect. We seek team players who desire a lasting, stable working relationship based on trust. Our instructor positions are considered a faculty appointment and instructors are treated as if they were university instructors in an academic department. Each instructor is afforded autonomy in the classroom and flexibility with our curriculum. Unlike other companies, we require instructors to have a graduate level education and prior university teaching experience. Our high-level faculty is one of the best in the nation; you’ll be joining an incredibly talented and diverse network of instructors.


Our instructor positions are ideal weekend work; they do not interfere with schooling or employment. Current full-time or part-time graduate/professional students or graduates seeking stimulating, rewarding work with excellent pay are encouraged to apply. Our instructor positions provide an additional source of income while enhancing your skill set and adding to your teaching experience.

  • California, Illinois, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Oregon, and Washington Salary: $45.00 per hour for GRE classroom instruction. $35.00 per hour for SAT and ACT classroom instruction.
  • Georgia and Texas Salary: $35 per hour for GRE, SAT, and ACT classroom instruction.

Company History

Xceptional Prep was founded in 2002 and provides national classroom based test preparation courses in twenty-three cities in nine states. We focus exclusively on live, in person, classroom based instruction. We prepare students for the SAT, GRE, and ACT exams. Our focus on live instruction yields the best in person, classroom based course offerings. Over the past eighteen years we have helped tens of thousands of students increase their scores on standardized tests.

Required Qualifications

Required Qualifications for SAT, GRE, and/or ACT Instructors:

  • Education: Current graduate or professional student Ph.D. (or equivalent), Master’s, J.D.; or Completed Ph.D. (or equivalent), Master’s degree, or J.D.

  • Test Scores: A Top-tier test score on one of the following: GRE, LSAT, GMAT, SAT, or ACT.

  • Teaching Experience: Have taught at least one semester / quarter lecture, lab, discussion, recitation, etc. class. Prior university teaching experience is required.

  • Quantitative and Verbal Skills: Must have BOTH excellent math and verbal/writing skills. Xceptional Prep Instructors teach the entire course.

  • Consistent Weekend Commitment: Our test preparation offerings depend upon instructor reliability, commitment and consistency. We seek instructors who can teach on consecutive weekends from late January to mid November. GRE and SAT Courses are taught on Sundays; ACT Courses are taught on Saturdays. Instructors can teach anywhere from 3 to 9 hours per weekend depending upon location.

We cannot hire F1 Visa students.

How to Apply

If you are reliable, hardworking, dedicated, and enthusiastic about helping students achieve their potential, and can meet the above qualifications, then we want you!

To Join Team Xceptional please submit your:

(1) Cover Letter

(2) Resume or Vita

(3) Verifiable Test Scores: GRE, LSAT, GMAT, SAT, or ACT [Date(s) taken, Score(s), and Percentile Rank(s)]

(4) Test(s) and Location Preferences

via e-mail to: employment@xceptionalprep.com

Instructors will be considered if they have included all 4 items above and can make a commitment teaching on consecutive weekends for at least one year from the date of hiring. Applications received will be kept on file for six months. Successful Candidates must pass a background and reference check.

Please, no phone calls or faxes.