Experience You Can Trust

Experience You Can Trust



You can trust Xceptional Prep to provide high-quality, nationally recognized, classroom based test preparation courses. Standardized tests like the SAT, GRE, and ACT can be stressful and overwhelming. Our goal is to make each student’s test prep experience as stress-free and successful as possible. We have over 18 years of test prep experience in the classroom and have the expertise and knowledge to guide students through the process of obtaining their personal best test score. Students come to us through positive word of mouth from both past and current students, and choose us because we have earned their trust.

We are an honest company. We’re straight-forward, tell it like it is, build relationships, and inspire trust. You can tell a lot about a company based on how it describes itself. We don’t believe in hype, or catch-phrases, nor do we oversell our services or make unrealistic claims. We believe in substance. Our goal is to simply help students reach their potential and achieve their best possible test score.

We’ve been in business since 2002, Proven Track Record

We have been offering test prep courses for eighteen years. Xceptional Prep was founded in 2002 and provides classroom based test preparation courses in twenty-three cities in nine states. We focus exclusively on live, in person, classroom based instruction. Our focus yields the best, in person, classroom based course offerings nationwide. We prepare students for the SAT, GRE, and ACT exams.

Our area of expertise is live classroom courses. We have a 18 year track record of proven, high-quality, classroom based programs. Our stable network of instructors and locations provides consistent access to year-round test preparation courses throughout the United States. We are run by educators, not businessmen and we place students’ needs first. Our hard work results in significant score increases, students obtaining acceptance into their top choice programs, and a positive word of mouth. Our success has led to increased student enrollments every year since our founding.

Our Dedication to Students

At Xceptional Prep, our work is to help others. We’re good people and we enjoy helping other people. Our primary company mission, and mission statement, is our social responsibility to provide high quality classes at a value price.

Standardized tests like the SAT, GRE, and ACT can be stressful. Over the last 18 years we have built a reputation for quality, effective test prep courses that provide comprehensive preparation at an affordable price. We are dedicated to our students at every step along the way, and are committed to their success. We care about our students and their needs, and will work hard to make sure that each student has a program which leads to success. We provide each student an individualized, overall study plan that is uniquely tailored to their individual strengths and weaknesses. Our dedication to students is felt throughout every part of our program: our instructors, customer service representatives, research and development team, and top management.

Our Instructors

A Xceptional Prep Instructor makes the class. Our selection of highly qualified and experienced instructors is unmatched in the industry. We carefully select our instructors based on their tests scores, teaching experience, and graduate education. We hire high-level instructors who are articulate, intelligent, and experienced. Our instructors have university teaching experience, a graduate degree (e.g., Ph.D., Master’s, or J.D degree), and top test scores. Many of our instructors are faculty members at your local universities. They are good people who sincerely care about their students. Our compassionate and dependable instructors are test prep experts who are committed to your success.

The best qualified instructors in the industry require teaching excellence. All of our outstanding instructors have prior university teaching experience. This gives them the ability to teach, not just the ability to get a good score. Having prior teaching experience affords the skills needed to facilitate an effective class. Most other test prep companies do not require their instructors to have any teaching experience.

We believe that having a live instructor accessible throughout the course is crucial to your success. Our classroom instructors teach the entire class, so there is consistency and teaching stability for our students. Having a stable instructor is important to class dynamics, continuity, and consistency. We have one instructor per course so students can get to know their instructor and form a productive relationship with them. Xceptional Instructors are here to help students raise their test scores. You can trust that our instructors are top notch and are experienced teaching experts. Our instructors stand out from the competition.

University and High School Sponsored

We are the official test preparation provider to select universities across the United States. We have been offering official test prep services on campus to many universities and institutions since 2002, including: Reed College, University of Massachusetts Medical School, U.S. Army Combined Arms Support Command, Sacramento State University, California State University, Bakersfield, and Western Oregon University. We have recently offered on-campus test preparation programs for high schools in the Lake Tahoe (CA) and Carlsbad, CA School Districts.

Xceptional Prep has built a strong reputation for excellence and exceptional course quality. Join the Universities, Colleges, High Schools, Teachers, Administrators and Students who have trusted Xceptional Prep to deliver the highest quality test preparation courses. If these schools and universities can trust us to provide high quality test prep services to their students, then so can you. If we can meet their standards, we can meet yours.

Our Honest, Straight-Forward Approach

Our company is run by educators, not businessmen. We are founded upon the principles of decency and pragmatism, in other words: we tell it like it is and we work smart. We’re honest and straight-forward, and we do our best to offer great quality courses that are not only effective but affordable.

Our top priority is our students. Our classroom based courses are concise, effective, and straightforward. We believe in what we do and put students’ needs first. We know that test prep can be expensive, and we’ve done our best to create a product that is easily accessible to the majority of our students.

Our goal is to present test prep in a realistic, honest light; we don’t make outrageous claims, false score guarantees, or present unrealistic score improvements, etc. We don’t have an unrealistic marketing campaign that transforms the test taking experience just so that students will buy the course. We are direct, real world, and trustworthy. We have integrity, a conviction to these principles and we believe in what we do.

Consistent and Stable Nationwide Offerings

Our test prep courses are consistently offered year round in 23 cities in 9 states. Our course offerings are uniform nationwide. Our stable course offerings in every city and every state have the same exact course schedules throughout the entire year.

Our year-round course schedules allow students to choose the start date that works best for their individual schedule. We offer test prep courses throughout the year leading up to almost every examination date for your convenience. The SAT and ACT offer rigid exam dates each year and we offer a course for every exam date. The GRE offers flexible dates year round for its exam, and we have 7 course start dates to accommodate different student needs and school admissions cycles. In general we have uniform start dates in January, March, April, June, July, August, and October for all of our tests.

We offer our courses on campus at university classrooms or at hotels near campus with conference rooms set up in a classroom format. These locations are easily accessible, comfortable, and conductive to learning and studying.

Students can trust us to deliver consistent and stable nationwide course offerings. When you are planning in advance to take one of our courses, you’ll know our set dates and times for each course, as they do not change. We do this to ensure maximum access to both current and future college students. Our year round start dates allow students to choose the start date that works best for their individual schedule.

Click here to view our course schedules and start dates.

Our Curriculum is Continually Updated

Our Research and Development Team of PhD’s and Professors, ensures that students are up to date with the latest test strategy and content. We are classically trained in psychometric theory (a fancy way of saying Test Design and Development) and conduct real-world research which provides our students with the most current methods and strategies for each test. Our comprehensive curriculum is continually updated to reflect these test changes and to introduce cutting edge effective strategies, techniques, and content reviews. Xceptional Prep students prepare with the most current strategies and methods available.

We are up to date on critical test changes. We are one of the few test preparation companies invited to the test maker’s comprehensive workshops on test changes. In addition our development team regularly takes the tests and reports any changes. We also utilize the most recent questions and official texts. We continually conduct research, and field-test new strategy and content reviews to add to our courses. You can trust us to create a curriculum that is continually updated to help your students fully prepare for the newly released and revised tests.

Tens of Thousands of Students have Trusted us

We have helped tens of thousands of students increase their test scores and get into their top choice schools and programs each year. Through positive word of mouth and referrals we have increased the number of students we work with year after year. We are able to continue offering our test prep courses because of trust. Each year, more and more students trust us with their test preparation needs. Through this trust and support our business has continued to thrive and expand; we are the best test prep value. Please refer to our specific reviews pages for real reviews from real students.