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6 Week In Person GRE Prep Class – $549

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Our structured, In Person 6 Week GRE Course will thoroughly prepare you for all aspects of the exam. Our course provides comprehensive, guided instruction to help you achieve your personal best GRE score.

We have a proven 18 year track record of in person, classroom based courses with expert instruction focused on fulfilling and addressing student test prep needs. Tens of thousands of students have chosen our efficient program because it makes preparing for the GRE as stress free as possible.

A live, in person, classroom based course is the best way to prepare for the GRE. Our structured 6 week classroom based course has an optimal schedule and provides in-depth preparation and directed homework assignments in a concise format. We have the best instructors who are GRE test prep experts who exhibit individual concern and attention to their students and provide guidance and direction in the classroom. Our instructors teach exclusive test strategy and methods, and the core content required for the GRE exam. They demonstrate how to navigate questions step-by-step, how to break down problems into easy to understand building blocks, and how to approach each question type correctly. Our instructors define what is expected, motivate students while holding them accountable, and provide a logical study plan outside of class, which takes the guesswork out of preparing for the GRE. With our holistic, immersion approach, we manage students’ stress and test anxiety so that our students can reach their potential. Our in person, classroom based course will provide you with everything you need to achieve your personal best GRE score.

GRE Course Highlights

  • 6 Week Format, Meeting 3 Hours Once per Week (Syllabus)
  • 18 Hours of Live, In-Person, Classroom Based Instruction
  • Learn from the Best Instructors who have Top Test Scores, University Teaching Experience,
    and a Graduate Degree (Ph.D., Master’s, or J.D.)
  • Exclusive Techniques and Test Strategy
  • Content Reviews to Promote Content Mastery for All Areas of the Test
  • Adaptive Curriculum that Adjusts to Student Scoring Levels
  • Strategic, Straight-Forward, Comprehensive Approach
  • Effective and Concise Course Materials, Including 4 Official GRE Practice Tests
  • Personal Attention and an Individualized Study Plan for Each Student
  • A Peer Support Network in a Collaborative Learning Environment
  • We Utilize Official Test Questions Published by the Testmaker
  • Small Class Size
  • Psychology Behind the Test for Those with Stress and Test Anxiety
  • Nationwide Locations: Convenient Schedules and Start Dates Throughout the Year

Backed by our Free Repeat Guarantee*

Total Course Cost – $549

When Our Next Class Begins:
Our Next GRE class begins on March 14th (2021). New Courses are offered about every six weeks.

As the best test prep value we want to ensure that every student has access to our high-quality, in person, classroom based GRE course. Our comprehensive GRE course is priced at $549 including all materials, and provides you with everything you will need to fully prepare for the GRE Exam. Below we describe our GRE course in detail. Our GRE course is made up of several components that interrelate to provide you with the most complete preparation available. Each component is critical to the effectiveness of the course and is necessary to help you succeed and obtain your personal best GRE score. For an in-depth exploration of each major component please click Learn More > within each section. Wherever you want to go, our 6 Week GRE course will get you there.

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The Advantage of an In Person, Classroom Based GRE Course

We focus exclusively on live, in person, classroom based courses. If you learn best in an interactive classroom setting, with guided and expert instruction from a real, live instructor, then our GRE test prep course is for you. Many students can experience heightened anxiety and stress when preparing for the GRE. This heightened stress can be best alleviated and managed in a live interactive classroom format; a format in which an expert instructor guides a class of students towards the same goal: their personal best GRE score. We have dedicated all of our energy and resources into developing the best classroom based GRE course available.

Our dynamic course allows students to get help in real time. Our instructors can pick up on areas of weakness and address questions as they occur. Students can ask questions about challenging problems and receive immediate feedback. The human interaction of a classroom based setting is critical to learning. An in person classroom based course provides in person support and allows you to spend time on what really counts.

To achieve your personal best score, you need direct guidance, instruction and interaction from a live, expert instructor who has experience and knowledge; a leader who has been through it before. With the structure of an in person course, instructors hold students accountable for completing their work and staying on task. An in person course helps students foster a positive relationship with their instructor and facilitates productive interactions between students. The class dynamics of an in person course allow students to feel connected by a common goal: to achieve their personal best GRE score. Our classroom based students excel.

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Strategic Straight-Forward Approach

The Xceptional Advantage consists of a strategic, straight-forward approach to GRE test prep. Our full-length 6 week GRE course comes with concise materials, utilizes official test questions and is focused with an effective class structure. Our pragmatic approach is a clear, concise method that provides a logical structure to preparing for the GRE exam. We focus students’ time and studies into areas that maximize efforts and promote effective use of resources; all of which culminates into an increased score.
GRE Strategic Straight-Forward Approach
Our full-length, comprehensive course is logically structured like a university class. It features content and strategy lectures, interactive learning in the classroom, and homework that includes untimed practice questions and timed full-length practice tests. We logically plan our students’ work both inside and outside the classroom to effectively maximize their time and effort. We know what works, and we provide guidance and leadership to guide you toward your personal best GRE test score.

We use official test questions and full-length practice tests throughout our course. Utilizing real test questions makes the difference. When you practice with real test questions, you’ll know exactly what to expect on the actual exam. You will know how each question type is constructed and how to approach each question with the appropriate strategy or technique. Practicing with real test questions during the course enables you to be confident when approaching the real exam on test day; there will be no surprises. Practicing with real questions is the best way to improve your score.

Our course materials are expertly integrated and interwoven into our class lectures for the most clear-cut and strategic prep available. We have a streamlined approach to our course format and are selective about our course materials. Many students can become stressed, distracted, and overwhelmed by preparing with resources filled with extraneous topics and information. Xceptional Prep materials are concise and to the point; we don’t overload and inundate students with useless materials and resources that they will never use. Our straight-forward study materials make for an effective use of students’ time and energy.

The best test prep course maximizes student performance by focusing only on what counts, what’s critical to students’ success, and what will improve student test scores. Our practical approach reduces student stress and anxiety and helps students approach the tests logically and strategically — test prep does not have to be any more difficult or complex than needed. Xceptional Prep students spend time on what counts, and our structured approach encourages the discipline and confidence needed for success. With Xceptional, you can trust that you’ll have the most pragmatic, concise course available for maximum score improvement.

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The Best Instructors

A Xceptional Prep Instructor makes the class. Our selection of highly qualified and experienced instructors is unmatched in the industry. We hire high-level GRE instructors who are articulate, intelligent, and experienced. We carefully select our instructors based on their test scores, teaching experience, and graduate education. All of our instructors have (1) A Top GRE Test Score, (2) University Teaching Experience, and (3) a Graduate Degree (e.g., Ph.D., Master’s, or J.D. degree). Many of our instructors are university/college professors at your local institutions. We hire instructors only for classroom based GRE courses: this allows us to carefully select our faculty. Our small staff means real quality control and we pay our instructors well above the industry standard. We believe that a great instructor is an integral part of the test prep classroom experience so we hire only the best in the industry.

All of our outstanding instructors have prior university teaching experience and a graduate education. This gives them the ability to teach, not just the ability to get a good score. Having prior teaching experience affords the skills needed to facilitate an effective class. Instructors with university experience are of a higher caliber, are competent at an advanced teaching level, and have the teaching experience to more readily convey challenging concepts. We provide formal training to each instructor so they can integrate their teaching skills, test taking ability, and the Xceptional Methods and Curriculum into a rigorous and effective course.

Having a graduate degree is important for depth and breadth of analytical thinking and for the maturity in teaching and student interaction. Going through years of graduate education brings experience and knowledge in how to learn, effective teaching techniques, and it advances the skill of the instructor. Our Instructors are adaptive and flexible to the needs of their students. They are experts at working with all scoring levels and educational backgrounds. At the class level our instructors will take into account test scores, class participation, homework progress, and student needs and then will adapt the class to the scoring levels of the students. Instructors also adapt the curriculum at the individual level and can provide an individualized, optimal study plan for each student. Our compassionate and dependable instructors are test prep experts who are committed to your success.

Our classroom instructors teach the entire class, so there is consistency and teaching stability for our students. Having a stable instructor is important to class dynamics, continuity, and consistency. We focus on hiring instructors who are concerned mentors, who motivate students and foster long term results. Xceptional instructors work hard, are diligent, and put student needs first. Not only do they help students set achievable goals, but they also direct a path towards attainment while continuously monitoring their students’ progress and results. They try and make class engaging so you are excited to come each week, work hard, and improve your score. Our instructors stand out from the competition.

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Test Strategy and Content Mastery

Our GRE course includes test strategy and content mastery. Other companies may only provide test strategies and tricks, but at Xceptional Prep, we believe that a great test prep course should provide both test strategy and content mastery. Effective and useful test strategies are covered in detail to ensure that students are learning the most successful strategies, techniques, time saving efficiency ideas and methods available to increase their GRE test score. Our strategies and techniques are backed by extensive research and have been proven to provide maximum results. They are continuously researched and tested on current test questions and are updated to reflect any test changes. Xceptional Prep students use the most updated, effective, and researched test strategies in the industry.

Our GRE course includes comprehensive content reviews designed to teach students the content required for each section of the test. Class time is devoted to content mastery to get students up to speed on topics that they might have forgotten from their educational studies. GRE Test Strategy and Content MasteryIn class, instructors provide a Mathematics Review, Data Analysis and Statistics Review, and Writing Review. Our content reviews are an in-depth treatment of specific topics where instructors teach and discuss, while exploring their use within each question type. Our content lectures develop student skills and knowledge that leads to a confident approach to any test problem. We include the most advanced content which many other test prep companies ignore.

Your instructor will teach you how to think like a test prep expert and pick up the patterns of the GRE exam. Picking up the consistent test design patterns of real, official tests is one of the most crucial aspects of effective test preparation. Your instructor will teach you the nuances of how the test is written, the traps and distractor choices, and how to avoid the traps and faulty decisions that could lead you down the wrong path. Our students learn to think like a GRE test designer and pick up the ways they structure, write and design test questions. We deconstruct the exam into simple and straight-forward concepts which translates into increased understanding and manageable questions. Xceptional instructors then teach our proprietary techniques and specific test strategies for each test subsection and question type. Once students learn how to solve problems correctly, we work on timing and speed to help students complete problems more quickly and efficiently. We teach time management, time saving efficiency ideas, and quick problem execution throughout the course. The efficient use of time is important to peak test performance. Xceptional students can tackle any problem they encounter with ease and confidence.

Instructors illustrate the steps and strategies using real test questions, leading students to a more advanced level of study. This cumulates in students’ ability to tackle the toughest GRE questions. We know how the GRE is designed and know the content required and strategies to use to help students reach their best possible test score. Upon completion of the course, students will have a toolkit of methods and strategies available to use on test day. When students recognize the pattern to a question, they can search their toolkit for the appropriate method, strategy, or technique, and implement it to come to the right solution. It’s very much like having a set of keys on a keychain and flipping through those quickly to apply the correct key, or “strategy” to the specific question at hand. You’ll be able to go through your list of memorized ideas one by one, applying them to specific questions. Students will exit our course with a wide variety of skill sets: the ability to see patterns, apply tools, and break down complex problems; these skills will allow students to tackle any question on the exam. With our test strategy and content mastery, students will be thoroughly prepared to approach test day with complete confidence.

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Adaptive Curriculum

Our GRE course adapts to student needs and is for all scoring levels. Students today have diverse educational backgrounds, varying abilities, unique learning styles, and different test prep needs. We recognize that a GRE course must be adaptive in nature, not only at the curriculum level, but at the student level as well. Our instructors have been trained and are equipped to expertly adapt the course curriculum to student needs, and at the same time, present the curriculum in an engaging manner that focuses on our easy to learn building blocks approach. In our GRE Course you will be given structure, guidance, and an individualized overall plan, specifically geared towards your needs. We know that each student is unique and will benefit the most from a custom tailored curriculum. Our adaptive curriculum is the best in the industry.

Students thrive in our classroom based, adaptive format; a class format where instructors adapt the curriculum to student needs, which is further enhanced by a small class size. Instructors keenly monitor and adjust the class to the scoring level of the students. They adapt the curriculum and hone in on where students need the most help. Instructors utilize initial starting scores, practice test scores, student content and strategy mastery progress, and student feedback to adapt the course. With our adaptive course, students learn what they need, at their own pace, and in the most effective way possible.

Xceptional Prep instructors are concerned about their students’ success and will work hard to develop an optimal, overall study plan for each and every student. We make sure that everyone, regardless of initial starting score, will have a curriculum that leads to success. Instructors can create individualized, overall plans for each student, based on their weaknesses and strengths. This allows each student to maximize their study efforts, both inside and outside of the classroom. With our custom curriculum and personal attention, we ensure that everyone will have a test prep program that is uniquely tailored to their needs.

Committed, personal attention from instructors is a Xceptional hallmark. Instructors are available for outside class help as an added benefit to students. Our instructors are available to meet with students briefly before or after class. Students can e-mail their instructor with questions, and instructors provide e-mail help throughout the course. Time is built into each class to address student questions, including help in solving difficult problems from homework and practice tests. Instructors also will provide brief make-ups should students miss a class. In our GRE course student needs are placed first; we want each and every student to succeed.

Our Research and Development Team of PhD’s and Professors, ensures that you prepare with the most up-to-date and cutting edge curriculum. We are classically trained in psychometric theory (a fancy way of saying Test Design and Development) and conduct real-world research which provides our students with the most current GRE methods and strategies. We are one of the few companies that have been invited by the Educational Testing Service (The GRE’s Test Maker) to their comprehensive workshops on GRE changes and updates. Our comprehensive curriculum is continually updated to reflect these test changes and provides students with the most up-to-date prep available. In addition, we utilize the most recent questions and official texts. Xceptional Prep students prepare with the most up-to-date curriculum available.

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Psychology Behind the Test

We incorporate psychology into our GRE course and it is one of the core strengths of our curriculum. Students who prepare for the GRE can face a tremendous amount of stress and anxiety. We have developed a curriculum that integrates the linkage between psychology and test performance. GRE Psychology Behind the TestOur course helps students channel their stress in an effective way, and provides students with the necessary skills to manage and navigate the psychological aspects of test preparation. We focus on a study plan that results in a moderate level of stress or the “sweet spot” that leads to peak, optimal test prep performance. Our course reduces stress by clearing a path to the goal of your personal best GRE test score.

We firmly believe that our psychology component provides students an additional advantage to our already well established and comprehensive curriculum. This core advantage helps students to focus better, master their anxiety, and perform at their peak on test day. Your mental mindset plays an important role in how you perform in the course and on your official GRE exam. We help our students achieve a positive mindset, a clean mental slate, and a “can do” attitude. Students’ belief in their abilities, and more importantly in themselves, is essential to realizing their potential. If a student is “all in” when preparing for a test, he or she has the best possible chance for success.

Many students come to our courses for our integration of psychology. Xcpetional Prep pioneered this original approach, which has enabled our students to better relax, focus on the task at hand, and devote all of their mental energy into doing their personal best on the GRE exam. Our integration of psychology gives students the tools necessary to excel and the motivation to succeed.

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Class Size

Our GRE class has a maximum of 15* students because we believe a small class size is important to student learning. We have one of the best student-to-instructor ratios in the industry. Studies have shown that lower student-to-teacher ratios contribute to better retention, and a more direct and closer interaction, resulting in a higher score on the GRE exam. Students benefit from a small class size because it increases interaction, fosters peer relationships, and allows instructors to know their students and help them better deliver test prep to individual concerns and needs. Student learning is increased: the dynamics of an in-person classroom based course are enhanced by a smaller class size.

With a smaller class size, students receive more personal attention from their instructor. Students will be able to work directly with their instructor and spend time on personal areas of concern or difficulty. Students will be able to have a positive working relationship with their instructor, not be just a nameless face in a large lecture hall class. A small class size ensures that instructors can manage their students’ efforts better. In a small class, instructors have time to answer student questions and can more readily adapt the curriculum to the students’ level. Individual progress is better monitored because there are fewer students to account for and instructors don’t have to repeat themselves in a small class setting, which allows for better use of class time. The small class size of our GRE course allows instructors to be more flexible in their teaching so that students learn exactly what they need.

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Proven Track Record

We have helped tens of thousands of students improve their GRE test scores since 2002. We have a 18 year track record of proven, high-quality, classroom based programs. Our stable network of instructors and locations provides consistent access to year round GRE test preparation courses throughout the United States. We provide classroom based GRE test preparation courses in twenty-three cities in nine states. Students come to us through positive word of mouth from both past and current students, and choose us because we have earned their trust. You can trust Xceptional Prep to provide high-quality, nationally recognized classroom based test preparation courses.

We have worked with many well known and respected institutions and universities since our founding, including Reed College, University of Massachusetts Medical School, U.S. Army Combined Arms Support Command, Sacramento State University, California State University, Bakersfield, and Western Oregon University, to name a few.

Xceptional Prep has built a reputation for high-caliber, classroom based test preparation courses. We are continually asked back by schools and institutions to conduct their in-house test prep offerings. Our 17 years of experience in classroom instruction provides the expertise and knowledge to guide students throughout the test preparation process. Our success has also led to increased student enrollments every year since our founding. You can trust Xceptional to help you reach your potential and achieve your personal best GRE test score.

Xceptional Prep is one of the few Test Preparation Companies that have been invited by the Educational Testing Service (The GRE’s Test Maker) to their comprehensive workshops on GRE Changes at their headquarters in Princeton, NJ. As one of the few national test preparation companies we are recognized by the testmakers and receive personal invitations to their conferences. We learn first hand about new changes and recent developments from the test developers and division heads. Our management team has talked with and met the people who actually make the tests. Most smaller and regional companies are not afforded this important opportunity. We incorporate all that we learn from these sources into the most up-to-date and comprehensive test preparation curriculum and courses offered, anywhere. You can trust Xceptional Prep to prepare you for any changes that might occur on the GRE exam.

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Free Repeat

Our GRE course is guaranteed with a Free Repeat. Our Free Repeat Policy allows students to repeat their entire GRE course one time at the next session, free of charge, and for any reason. There are no homework, scoring, practice test, or attendance requirements to utilize the free repeat. Our guarantee eliminates the hassle of “score increase” policies which require students to jump through hoops, navigate through confusing requirements and endure an endless amount of red tape. We have established our Free Repeat Guarantee with our students’ needs in mind. Please click here for more information and the terms and conditions of our Free Repeat policy.

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Everything You Need for a Higher Score

Our in person, classroom based GRE course will provide you with everything you need to achieve your personal best score on the exam. Upon completion of our course you will have the skills and knowledge to do your very best. GRE Everything You Need for a Higher ScoreOur GRE prep course will provide you with the structure of what to do, when to do it, and how to do it so that you will be 100% prepared on test day. You will work with an instructor who has been in your shoes before and who has aced the GRE exam. With our classroom based course a peer support network will be there to help you get through the course successfully. Our concise, effective course materials are expertly integrated into the lectures and there is nothing more that you will need to purchase to fully prepare for the GRE.

This is a comprehensive, challenging course that demands your effort and excellence. Students who are fully committed, do their work, are diligent, complete their homework, and participate in class will be the most successful. Come join the tens of thousands of students who have achieved their personal best score on the GRE exam.

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