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Below are reviews from real students who have recently completed our GRE Course. Unlike other companies who post “sound bites” highlighting all of the selling points they want you to hear, we post real reviews from real people. We’re an honest company and we believe that you deserve an honest appraisal of our courses.
I would like to say, for the record, that Dr. Levine was an excellent instructor and his classes were both useful and engaging.


It allowed me to focus on the test in a structured way.

Alex O.

I am very happy with the Xceptional Prep GRE class that I have attended in Dallas. The instructor was great and my level of confidence in taking the exam is higher.


James is a great instructor. He really goes above and beyond, he cares about his students, and he is arguably one of the best teachers I have had. Thanks.


I felt it was a very good class.

Jackie Y.

I wanted to let you know that I got my official score report today and am very pleased with the outcome! Verbal 165, Quantitative 167, Writing 4.5. I want to thank you and the Xceptional Prep program for your help in preparing for the test. On my initial practice test I was scoring in the 153s on both sections (granted it was after a couple beers), but even so the class helped me improve significantly. Anyways, thank you again for all your help. You were a great instructor and I could not have done as well as I did without your help.


Kiel was amazing. He made sure we understood the subject matter and he was really concerned with our progress.


The quality and knowledge of the instructor were excellent as was his compassion and interest in the students.

Lizette Donaldson

When I decided to take the GRE, I was completely terrified: I’d been out of school for 5 years and hadn’t done GRE-style math since High School. My first practice exam, I scored much lower than I’d expected and much, much lower than I’d hoped. Xceptional Prep gave me a study schedule; helped me deal with my personal terror; and gave me lots of little tricks to succeed. I thought some of the tricks were silly, but followed them anyway and discovered that they worked. When I finally took my exam, I scored 168 on verbal and 169 on math, much higher than my practice exam, higher than even Stanford and Harvard require. I really appreciate everything your program has done for me!

Gloria C.

I do want to let you know that Carter, the instructor was awesome! He was a great help and I thank you very much.

Terry Neel

Dear Xceptional Prep. I aced the GRE. Thank you for the class and especially the dedication and knowledge and help of my instructor. You may recall how much I was under prepared for the math section. I studied extra hard and ended up with my highest score in math! Very funny!!

Christine Chavez

Chris provided not only excellent instruction but also motivation.

Tiffany R.

The Xceptional Prep class was EXTREMELY helpful.

Dean Roche

Quinn here, hopefully you remember me and my constant Sunday class hangovers. I just got my GRE scores back and wanted to thank you for a great class! I ended up w/ Verbal: 163, Quant: 158, Writing: 5.5 which put me in the 91st, 74th, and 96th percentiles, respectively. I’m totally stoked on my scores (minus math, but oh well it’s an accurate representation of my ability) and owe a ton of those points to you & Xceptional Prep.


I really enjoyed Dr. Wofford. She was attentive and focused.


Roger was a great teacher. He was very charismatic and intelligent. He made the class enjoyable and I truly believe he cared about our learning and understanding of the material. I would recommend Xceptional Prep.


Just thought I would pass on my GRE results. I got a 153V/154Q/4.5W. Not great, but good enough to get into Portland State’s program so I am more than happy. I also wanted to thank you for you help, and wish you the best of luck in the future.

Brady Surdam

FYI, Sara is a great instructor. She is the reason I recommended Andrew for the Xceptional Prep.


Thank you so much for everything. I enjoyed your class and I wish it wasn’t that short of a time. I would love to sit there, listen and watch you do more math problems, problems that we thought were hard, but you made everything easy for us to grasp. You went beyond your means just to help out. Staying up after class to do more math problems, and making sure we understood them was more than what I expected.

Jill Lampet

Ben was a very good teacher with excellent knowledge in Math.

Cheryl H.