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Xceptional Prep would like to partner with your program. We can provide on-campus test preparation courses to meet the needs of your school, program, company, or department. Our personable and professional staff can create a classroom based, on-campus program that fits the needs of both your students and your budget. We are an established national test prep leader in live, classroom based courses. When you choose us, you will have the trust of an established, national company with the flexibility and resources to implement a successful test prep solution for your particular program. Our on campus test preparation courses are custom tailored to meet the unique needs of your students; we will work hard to provide an effective program for your students. We have had many successful relationships with universities, colleges, high schools and tutoring centers, and are continuing to build our partnerships every day. We hope that you will consider partnering with us.

Our Partnerships

We have had many successful relationships with universities, colleges, high schools and tutoring centers. We have run on-campus test preparation programs for Reed College, University of Massachusetts Medical School, U.S. Army Combined Arms Support Command, Sacramento State University, California State University, Bakersfield, and Western Oregon University. We recently offered on-campus test preparation programs for the Lake Tahoe (CA) and Carlsbad, CA School Districts. Each partnership receives thoughtful consideration and careful analysis so that we can provide the most appropriate and beneficial program for your students. We provide individual attention to each of our partnerships and all of our partners work exclusively with our top management team. We have the most customized programs and curriculum available.

We are open to partnering with all types of institutions: Colleges, Universities, High Schools, Tutoring Centers, etc.

References will be provided upon request.

How to Contact Us and Request a Quote for your Program

If you would like to partner with us, please email us at
and we will get back to you promptly.

So that we may better understand your program’s needs and provide you with an accurate quote, please include the following when you contact us:

  • Name of your Organization
  • Location
  • Contact Phone Number
  • E-mail Address(es)
  • Proposed Dates and Times of the Course(s)
  • Number of Prospective Students
  • Test(s) Needed
  • Timeframe

We will follow up with additional questions and a finalization of details and then provide a custom proposal for you. This will include the time frame, course structure, and costs.

What Courses do you Offer?

We offer test preparation courses for the SAT, GRE, and ACT. These are the same courses as our nationally recognized test preparation courses. Our comprehensive courses cover all aspects of the exams. They are taught by top-notch faculty who have been thoroughly trained in the Xceptional Methods and Curriculum. Our standard course offerings are six weeks in length but we can tailor them to any number of formats: weekend, condensed, two-day, etc. We arrange our schedules and offerings to meet our partners’ needs.

We’re Adaptive and will Develop a Program Specifically for your Needs

Student needs differ between programs. Some populations need specific instruction in one area while others need comprehensive instruction for the entire test. Some programs prefer a shortened schedule or prep programs during school holiday breaks, while others seek multi-week programs that are much longer in length. We can work with all class sizes. We can also develop programs for any start date and all time frames. To further meet partner needs, we are extremely flexible about the time of day and day of the week each course is offered. Proctored tests are an additional option that can be used in conjunction with our tailored course offerings. Every situation is unique and we can adapt our courses to your specific requirements.

We can Work with all Types of Students

We have experience working with students from all scoring levels and backgrounds. We can work with students of varying abilities from the most basic to the most advanced. We adapt our instruction and curriculum to provide the content mastery or review needed to teach or refresh students on key topics. We can provide courses specifically for advanced student groups, where we focus exclusively on the most difficult problems and content. Conversely, we can provide a fundamental and thorough exam foundation for introductory students who don’t have experience with the test.

Recently we have worked with AVID students in the Lodi, CA Unified School District.

Materials We Use

We use real test questions and practice tests in our courses. Our students practice on questions from previously released official tests. Each student receives a Xceptional student coursebook which outlines our comprehensive strategies and methods to attack the exam. They also receive a book of real test questions, and additional materials specific for the exam (e.g., a vocabulary list). We can customize our materials to the course format that you choose. We do not have additional charges for materials; all materials are included in our cost quotes.

We Can Price Match Quotes, or Give You a New Quote

If you have a quote from another test prep company, or if you are shopping around for the best price and features for your particular program, please contact us as we can provide a quote that will often exceed other alternatives in course quality while additionally providing significant cost savings. We will do our best to beat any other offer.

Where We Can Offer Our Programs (Venue/Location)

Our programs have been offered in a variety of settings: on-campus, off-campus, in hotel conference facilities, at community centers, and at private academic tutoring centers. We can hold a program in any suitable academic location that best fits your program’s circumstances. We can offer programs in any one of our 23 nationwide cities. This network encompasses 9 different states. All of our courses are in person, live, classroom based courses with local Xceptional Prep instructors in your area.

Success of Past and Current Programs

Our programs have proven to be very successful for our partners’ students. Based on student reviews and evaluations at the end of each program, we have found that an overwhelming number of students have rated our courses as positive, uplifting, and highly beneficial. A vast majority of our students are happy about our test prep programs and would recommend them to other students. Based on the improvement from initial to final practice tests, we have seen amazing improvements in students’ scores from our courses.

Course Content

Our course content, like our national test prep course offerings, is a customized, adaptive curriculum. Our curriculum can be customized to your particular needs and parameters, and tailored to best meet your students’ needs. We will adapt the curriculum to your exact specifications, and can add or omit certain sections or topics to directly align the course with your program’s goals. Our courses include content reviews, such as mathematics, statistics, grammar, and writing to promote content mastery. They also cover strategies, methods, and techniques to build and enhance students’ test taking abilities and skill sets.

Our Research and Development Team of PhD’s and Professors, ensures that our courses are up to date with the latest test strategy and content. Our team is classically trained in psychometric theory (a fancy way of saying Test Design and Development) and conducts real-world research which provides our students with the most current methods and strategies available for each test. Our comprehensive curriculum is continually updated to reflect recent test changes and to introduce cutting edge effective strategy, techniques, and content reviews. We also utilize the most recent questions and official texts. Xceptional Prep students prepare with the most current strategies and methods available.

Our Instructors

A Xceptional Prep Instructor makes the class. Our selection of highly qualified and experienced instructors is unmatched in the industry. For your particular program we will select a Xceptional Prep Instructor who will be the best fit for your students and their needs. These are the same qualified instructors that teach our national test prep courses. We carefully select our instructors based on their test scores, teaching experience, and graduate education. We hire high-level instructors who are articulate, intelligent, and experienced. They are good people who sincerely care about their students. Our compassionate and dependable instructors are test prep experts who are committed to your program’s success.

Our instructors will work with your students and your program to ensure that all students have an outstanding test prep experience. The instructor will be the same throughout the course; students will have a stable and reliable instructor who is easily accessible throughout the entire program. Students will have access to their instructor outside of class to ask questions and will be able to get to know them; our instructors cultivate a productive working relationship with their students. Instructors for your on-campus test prep program will be top notch, and they will deliver the best test prep program custom tailored to your students. Xceptional Prep instructors stand out from the competition.

The Most Competitive Price Offerings

As the best test prep value, we offer the most competitive program prices of any nationwide test preparation company. We take into account all of your information and provide a comprehensive quote and cost estimate. We can offer multiple options including: flat program fees with all inclusive costs; per student cost structures, base rate cost structures with a minimum student enrollment plus additional per student fees above negotiated minimum; percentage split cost structures; and programs that provide revenue generation for your school. We are flexible and will work within your budget to provide a successful program for your students.