Request Your Free Repeat

Free Repeat Request

Our courses are guaranteed with a Free Repeat. If you would like to request your Free Repeat you may do so by filling out the form below.

Please Note our Free Repeat Policy. These are the terms and conditions you agreed to when you completed and signed your consent form.

(1) You have only One Free Repeat.

(2) The Free Repeat is only valid for the consecutive session. This is our next advertised start date for your particular course. The Free Repeat is not good for a course offered after your consecutive session. For some tests your Free Repeat will be before you know your exam scores (e.g., Paper based tests such as the SAT, where it can take about three weeks to know your exam score).

(3) We do not require an explanation for you to exercise your Free Repeat. You may use it if you would like to repeat certain weeks of the course or to take the entire course again. There are no scoring requirements to exercising your Free Repeat.

(4) This repeat is only good for the course type that you registered under (e.g., if you registered for a GRE course you may only repeat a GRE course).

(5) You may repeat the course at any available location.

(6) We cannot guarantee the availability of a course or location for your Free Repeat. If an advertised course is not offered at your requested location for the consecutive session we will offer you two options: (1) transfer to the next closest location or (2) transfer to the next start date at your originally requested location. No refund will be given to students for unavailable courses.

(7) All Free Repeat requests must be made after you have attended at least one class but before the start date of the consecutive session. Requests will be processed and confirmation notices e-mailed within three business days. We cannot accept your free repeat request before your original course begins.

(8) Please note that Free Repeat courses are the exact same course as your original offering with no modifications. Most times they will have the same instructor. Course materials are not re-issued for the Free Repeat.

(9) If you would like to repeat the course outside the conditions of our Free Repeat policy you must re-enroll and pay the full course fee again (e.g., if you want to repeat the course later in the year, etc.). There are no discounts for returning students.

(10) Under no circumstances will we make an exception to our Free Repeat Policy.

Free Repeat Request Form:


Free Repeat Requests will be processed within three business days.  If your request is received on Friday or on the Weekend, it will be returned within three business days of the following Monday.
I have fully read the Free Repeat Conditions above, and understand that I have signed and agreed to these terms and conditions with my original course consent form.