The Xceptional Advantage – The Best Instructors

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The Xceptional Advantage – The Best Instructors

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A Xceptional Prep Instructor makes the class. Our selection of highly qualified and experienced instructors is unmatched in the industry. We hire high-level instructors who are articulate, intelligent, and experienced. They are good people who sincerely care about their students. Our compassionate and dependable instructors are test prep experts who are committed to your success. We carefully select our instructors based on their tests scores, teaching experience, and graduate education.

The best qualified instructors in the industry require teaching excellence. All of our outstanding instructors have prior university teaching experience. This gives them the ability to teach, not just the ability to get a good score. Having prior teaching experience affords the skills needed to facilitate an effective class. Most other test prep companies do not require any teaching experience to become an instructor.

We believe having a live instructor accessible throughout the course is crucial to your success. We strongly believe that live classroom instruction is always better than taped, virtual, or online methods. Our classroom instructors teach the entire class, so there is consistency and teaching stability for our students. Having a stable instructor is important to class dynamics, continuity, and consistency. We have one instructor per course so students can get to know their instructor and form a productive relationship with them. Our instructors stand out from the competition.

Instructor Qualifications

Our instructors are the best qualified in the test preparation industry. We believe there are three pillars to an excellent test prep instructor: (1) Top Test Scores, (2) University Teaching Experience, and (3) a Graduate Degree. Unlike other companies with too broad a focus (too many products or a lack of high quality products), we only offer classroom based courses: this allows us to carefully select our faculty. Our small staff means real quality control. We also pay our instructors well above the industry standard. A majority of our instructors are current graduate school and professional school students. Many are Ph.D.’s and Professors at your local universities. Over 1/4 of our faculty has a Ph.D.

Top Test Scores:
All of our instructors have top test scores. A top test score means mastery of the test, not only of the content, but of test strategy, pattern recognition, and time efficiency. All of our instructors have top test scores and are very intelligent and gifted. We only hire instructors who teach all areas of the test and have scored well on all sections.
University Teaching Experience:
Our instructors know how to teach. Every member of our staff has experience in the classroom and a proven track record of teaching success. We only hire instructors with previous university teaching experience. Instructors with prior university experience are of a higher caliber, competent at an advanced teaching level, and have the teaching experience to more readily convey challenging concepts. They have learned the interaction necessary to succeed with students, and are better at guiding students to their goals. Most companies do not require instructors to have prior teaching experience. We do, and we feel it is absolutely necessary because it allows them to effectively share their knowledge and test taking skills. If Universities can trust our instructors to teach their courses on campus, then you can trust Xceptional Prep for an excellent instructor for your test prep needs.
Graduate Degree:
All of our instructors have a graduate (Ph.D., Master’s) or professional degree (J.D., MBA) or are current graduate/professional students. Over 1/4 of our faculty has a Ph.D. and many are professors at local universities. How does a graduate/professional degree relate to our courses or to teaching test prep? Having a graduate/professional degree is important for depth and breadth of analytical thinking and for the maturity in teaching and student interaction. Going through years of graduate/professional education brings experience and knowledge in how to learn, effective teaching techniques, and it advances the caliber of the instructor. Most other companies do not require instructors to have a graduate/professional level of education; their instructors are generally inexperienced college students. We also find that our students look to their instructors as mentors who have been through it before, and they enjoy the opportunity to ask them questions about graduate/professional school and college in general. A graduate/professional education counts when it comes to test prep.

Our Instructors are Adaptive

Our Instructors are adaptive and flexible to the needs of their students. Their empathy and experience in understanding student levels allows them to present and adapt the curriculum to the learning styles and scoring levels of the class. A live classroom instructor is the best adaptive engine in the world. Computers and their adaptive algorithms may be able to adjust the curriculum, but instructors can do it better since they are in the classroom with the students and have firsthand knowledge of each student’s learning style, needs, and abilities. At the class level the instructor will take into account test scores, class participation, homework progress, and student needs, and then adapt the class to the scoring levels of the students. Instructors also adapt the curriculum to the individual student and can provide an individualized, optimal study plan for each student. We have small class sizes, generally no more than 15 students, so our instructors have a much easier time adapting to student scoring levels and needs. With a Xceptional Prep instructor you get focused, custom tailored instruction.

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Our Instructors Want to Help you Succeed

Test prep takes a lot of work from both the instructor and the student. Xceptional instructors work hard, are diligent, and put student needs first. They care about their students and are committed to their success! We focus on hiring instructors who are concerned mentors who motivate students and foster long term results. Not only do they help students set achievable goals, but they also direct a path towards attainment, while continuously monitoring their students’ progress and results. Xceptional instructors hold students accountable for their homework and practice tests. They facilitate peer relationships so students have a network to depend on. They’re encouraging but patient and can lend an ear to your test prep fears; in essence, they can be relied upon. Our instructors have been in your shoes before, and want to share their knowledge, skills, test prep expertise and know how with you. While they are high-caliber, they can still relate to their students, so students are comfortable to ask questions or ask for help.

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Every Xceptional instructor is thoroughly trained in our methods and curriculum. They are fully prepared and versed, and are experts in our course strategy, structure, and methodology. Unlike other companies all of our instructors are trained by top management; we emphasize quality control. Every instructor we hire comes to us with a solid foundation of skills necessary to be an effective instructor and we develop and cultivate those skills through our rigorous training program so that instructors provide the best test preparation instruction possible. Instructors are provided a foundation in the Xceptional methodology with the most comprehensive materials and resources available. We then build instructor test preparation expertise through comprehensive, thorough training in all areas of each test. This results in instructors who have all the necessary training, materials, and resources to effectively and successfully teach our courses. We invest in our instructors and they in turn put a considerable amount of time in preparing for each class.

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Reviews and Evaluations

Our instructors are consistently reviewed for their effectiveness and performance. We help instructors build a track record of success through continued and ongoing evaluation. We seek student input each session, review this feedback with the instructor and integrate this information and our evaluations to help instructors improve their teaching performance. With continued reviews and evaluations from students, staff, and management, instructors perform at their highest level, and students get the best results.

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We Make Class Fun

Test Prep at times can be dull, tedious, and boring, but our instructors are not. Xceptional instructors have the charisma to facilitate peer relationships in the class, and they have the energy to make classes enjoyable, even exciting and fun! They are easy going, willing to help, and are responsive to your needs and do care about you. They try and make class engaging so you are excited to come each week, work hard, and improve your score. Our enthusiastic instructors create a positive learning environment and make class fun.

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